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        DIAZOR is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our studio specializes in iOS, Android, Flash and HTML5 mobile games development. We consider quality and good playability to be the most important things in any game.

     Our main goals are to combine experience and professionalism in order to achieve customer satisfaction, to make DIAZOR a recognizable brand and present it as a reliable and committed partner.

Vladyslav Kulyk               
Skype: kvaaaaaaaaaa

CEO / Founder / Developer

JavaScriptReact developer with 10+ years experience.

Presentation at FLASH GAMM (Kyiv 2013)
“Adobe Scout – Let’s Add FPS to Mobile Game

Presentation at FLASH GAMM (Kyiv 2012)
“LimeJS framework for making HTML5 games on mobile platforms”

Presentation at FLASH GAMM (Kyiv 2011)
“Mobile HTML5 – to be or not to be”

Kyiv, Ukraine
Email  :   contact@diazor.com

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